Rocsil Foam
ROCSIL FOAM is a two component injection product, intended for cavity filling, air and gas sealing and consolidation of highly fractured strata. ROCSIL FOAM is applied using a metering pump and a mixing gun.

The mixing of resin and catalyst, in a volume ratio of 4 to 1, produces an immediate foaming reaction, followed by a rapid expansion of the product to as much as 30 times its original volume. After expansion, ROCSIL FOAM hardens in several minutes.

By virtue of its fire resistance classification, ROCSIL FOAM is also suitable for sealing off underground heatings as well as for fire-fighting duties in deep mines.


  • Filling of cavities and roof falls.
  • Firewall at a distance.
  • Passing a rock fall in galery or in the workings.
  • Rapid stopping.
  • High expansion rates ensure economical usage.
  • Immediate foaming action with minimal shuttering.
  • Rapid setting maximises production.
    Antistatic foam suitable for cavity filling.
  • No flame propagation makes for easy fire control.
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