Marithan N
MARITHAN is a two-component polyurethane product intended for strata consolidation and for sealing against water ingress.

The product's high adhesive strength and excellent mechanical properties create an excellent bond with the strata, which is maintained through the life of the workplace.

Product reaction speed can be increased by the addition of a setting accelerator. When injected into the strata for preventative or curative purposes, the low-viscosity mixture remains liquid for several seconds and penetrates into the smallest fissures, when it expands, sets and effectively consoldiates and seals the treated zone.

The product is applied by means of a pump unit and mixing gun.


  • Consolidation of fractured and unstable ground.
  • Sealing against water ingress.
  • Strata sealing.
  • Injection of rock dowels.
  • Sealing of rockbolts.
  • Strata stabilisation.
  • Low viscosity, good penetration into fine cracks and fissures.
  • Excellent adhesive power, forms strong bond with the strata.
  • Good flexibility, tolerates subsequent ground movement.
  • Water-reactive for water sealing operations.
  • High mechanical resistance with improved strata support.
  • Once set the foam is insoluble in water.
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