Marigel L
MARIGEL L is a methacrylate gel intended for the watertight sealing of joints and fissures. The product is applied using a pump unit and mixing gun. A catalyst is added to the resin to promote the rapid gelling of the product.

MARIGEL L has a very low initial viscosity. It remains constant until the gel time.
MARIGEL L can penetrate and set inside the smallest fissures to form a flexible gel.
The gel finally swells when in contact with water to ensure a permanent seal.


  • Sealing of joints.
  • Sealing of fissures.
  • Sealing of strata.
  • Low viscosity, good penetration into fine fissures.
  • Polymerisation into a gel, ensures quickly sealing.
  • Adjustable gel time, diversifies the applications.
  • The gel swells in contact with water and guarantees a permanent sealing.
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