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BIBER is a two-component acrylic resin for sealing all forms of building and civil engineering structures.

It is well suited to fine cracks, day and other joint types and for injecting into all modern transport channels and tubes. With a viscosity similar to water it will travel along or be pumped back up the path of the offending liquid or be transported through the finest cracks without having to use pressures that may be dangerous to the structure or operatives. It will permeate hidden honeycombed areas of the concrete, saturate unsound brickwork until it polymerises into an impervious flexible curtain within the cracks, joints and voids of the structure.

When polymerised, it forms a flexible gel that swells slightly upon contact with water forming a tightening barrier counteracting the pressure asserted upon it. It can be injected without adverse results into laminated rock strata, heavily soiled, oil filled or otherwise polluted cracks, expansion, or day joints.

This product has as its basis environmentally friendly methacrylate and can therefore be used in all situation without any reservations whatsoever. There are no toxic chemical or aggravating fumes present allowing operatives and clients close proximity to the work without special precautions.

Whether through remedial or as a pre-emptive design requirement for industry, residential, road or rail, acrylic grouts have multiple application possibilities. These encompass, but are not restricted to the following in the Usage table below.

  • Basements, lift pits, foundations etc.
  • Tunnels, mines, caverns and shafts, existing or new, rock, concrete, brick or iron.
    • pre- or post grouting - curtain or sandwich
    • stabilising
    • cut and cover
    • cross tunnel joint injection
    • lining joint injection
    • porous brick or concrete areas
  • Dams - earth, stone or concrete
  • Ground stabilisation, embankments, and ground water control
  • Retaining walls, coffer dams,
  • Sea walls, harbours and the like
    • it can be freely used in, or in contact with, salt water with nominal changes to the on-site mixing. (See technical sheets)
  • Waterways, locks and open channels
  • Sewage works, chemical containment bays, storm water overflow chambers and the like. Man entry drainage systems, manholes and shafts. Water works, power stations and many more.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Solvent free
  • Low viscosity
  • Controlled sealing
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