The product range listed is limited to specialist materials so if you can't find what you are looking for on our web site send an e-mail, we may have it. If not, we will try to point you in the right direction.

Consolidation, Stabilisation and Water-Stop
By keeping in tune with the needs of strata engineers we have been able to perfect our soil stabilisation and underground consolidation techniques.

The development of injection products is the cornerstone of our technical expertise. Using the latest polymer technology we are now in a position to offer a range of exclusive products that have proved effective in solving even the most complex strata problems. Our research and development program has two primary objectives: the continuous improvement of product quality and the development of products that match the needs of our customers.

Grouting for Water-Stop or Void Filling
Most building and civil engineering structures have as one of their functions the necessity to either keep water in or out. This is not always successful and remedial action is often necessary in order to protect the structure and its contents or to preserve loss of the stored liquid asset.

Acrylics with the viscosity of water are resistant to aggressive chemicals and can be used for the retention of, or protection from, many aggressive stored liquids, sewage or polluted ground waters. Their structural strength is negligible but they are able to take severe movement without adverse effect. The polymerised volume is the same as the volume pumped.

Polyurethanes generally expand to different volumes before they polymerise into a rigid mass. They are primarily void fillers, dry or water filled, although some are well suited for ground anchors or sealing fissures. Single component polyurethanes are less controllable but require cheaper equipment whereas two-component products are capable of fine-tuning to the required specification but need more expensive equipment.

Environmental Cleaning
We provide a service for removing environmental pollution such as asbestos, sewage, bird droppings, chemicals, polluted earth and drainage runs, coagulation from sludge, etc. Further information is available on request.

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